Hospice FAQs

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How much will hospice cost me?

Almost always, there is no cost to you. Georgia Community Hospice Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, and all private insurance plans. If, for whatever reason, someone is unable to pay for hospice, Georgia Community Hospice will never turn someone away due to the inability to pay.

Does hospice mean the person will pass soon?

Not necessarily. It's never possible to know exactly how long someone has left. The focus of hospice is quality of life - making the remaining time as comfortable as possible. While on hospice, patients should continue to live their lives, doing the things they like most. Sometimes due to the care provided by Georgia Community Hospice, a patient will actually get better and "graduate" from hospice.

When should hospice care begin?

Hospice should be initiated as soon as possible, in order to benefit from the full range of services for months or weeks, and to be comfortable for longer. Studies show that the earlier hospice care begins, the better experience it will be. We often hear from families that they wish they would have called Georgia Community Hospice earlier.

Who is eligible for hospice?

Anyone with a terminal condition expected to live six months or less. This includes many patients with Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, COPD, stroke, cancer, heart failure, liver disease, renal (kidney) disease, ALS, and many other conditions.

Do the medications you provide cause death?

That's actually a common myth about hospice. While our goal is to make life as comfortable as possible, Georgia Community Hospice (like other reputable hospice agencies) does not prescribe any medications that cause or hasten death. In fact, studies show that on average, people utilizing hospice will actually live longer than if they wouldn't have chosen hospice.

What happens with existing medication prescriptions?

All medications are reviewed by a clinical team. Medications needed for the comfort of the patient are continued. Cutting down a cocktail of extra medications often leads to an improvement in the overall condition of the patient.

Where is hospice care delivered?

Wherever the patient is. It can be in a private home, assisted living facility, nursing home, or anywhere else. If a situation ever arises that requires symptoms to be controlled in a hospital setting, Georgia Community Hospice is partnered with local hospitals to do just that.

How often do nurses / caregivers visit?

Nurses and caregivers visit frequently enough to ensure that the patient is comfortable and taken care of, and the family is supported. While hospice is available 24/7, hospice does not provide round-the-clock caregivers. Our commGeorgia Community Hospice experts will be happy to help you figure out how hospice will work for you.

Do we need to use everything you offer?

Georgia Community Hospice offers comprehensive care, but you don't need to use anything you don't want. We work with you to create a personalized and customized care plan to match your preferences.

Do we need a DNR?

Georgia Community Hospice Hospice does not require you to have a DNR (do-not-resuscitate) order. If your preference is for resuscitation to be performed if needed, your choice will be respected.

Can we still pursue curative or life-prolonging treatments?

Hospice is only for patients who are focused on making the final journey as comfortable as possible. That said, for patients seeking a cure or pursuing life-prolonging treatments, our Palliative Care Program can help with pain and symptom relief.

Can the patient go to the hospital?

Our goal is to enable patients to be comfortable at home and to reduce the need for hospitalizations. However, a patient always has the right to go the hospital if they choose. If the hospitalization is related to the hospice diagnosis, in some situations the patient would need to be discharged from Georgia Community Hospice's care.

Can we change our mind?

Sure. At any time and for any reason, it's your right to say you no longer want hospice.

What is Georgia Community Hospice doing to protect patients from COVID?

Protecting patients and families is our number one priority. For information about our approach to COVID and the safeguards we are taking, please click here.

Does Georgia Community Hospice care for COVID patients?

Georgia Community Hospice provides hospice care to COVID positive patients, provided they have a terminal condition. Please note that COVID-19 on it's own, without another disease or condition, is not considered a terminal condition.

How do I get hospice care?

As long as you're eligible, you just need to sign a few papers. That's all. Please contact us and one of our commGeorgia Community Hospice experts will meet with you and explain how it works.